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One of the most common herbs against migraine is the chrysanthemum plant, which is characterized by its ability to treat many symptoms such as pain relief and control of the proportions of bronosteglandin in addition to facilitate the process of digestion.
Blood circulation stimulants Increase circulatory stimuli from the flow of blood to the skin and muscles through the local use of the process of activation and when taken orally, increase the proportion of sweat that may reach the sweat, which leads to the expansion of blood vessels in the skin.

It may expand the vascular wall of nerves, which is called external stimuli of the circulatory system. Some of these drugs work to improve the performance of the heart, and are sometimes called concentric compounds that are often used by time to treat circulatory problems.

The substances that make the skin redness is used by placing it on the skin, which activates nerve endings within the capillaries, leading to redness, which is a sign to increase the flow of blood across the vessels.

This in turn leads to sufficient blood supply to the joints and muscles with the disposal of waste associated with the metabolism that may be a cause of pain.


Some substances that produce highly reddish-red skin, such as hot red pepper, have an antagonist effect. The resulting heat controls the pain receptors and thus the brain receives fewer signals.


Aromatic oils are also substances that make the skin red and have a slight effect in many cases, and advised to be used regularly in the massage and relax the muscles and pain relief.


The substances that make the skin red

These substances gain reddening warmth resulting from an increased blood flow in this position and help in the elimination of substances associated with the pain-causing metabolism including lactic acid in tight muscles.



The sedative herbs reduce the titres and restore normal nervous activity. Normal painkillers reduce brain activity to below normal levels. This means that herbs improve concentration rather than lead to deficiency. This indicates the balance of herbs that distinguishes it. .


This type of herbs works in two ways represented in nerve relaxants and muscle relaxants:

The neurotransmitters that have a central effect reduce the brain’s sensitivity to nerve signals from the outer surface, such as skin, joints, and muscles.


Muscle relaxants that have an external effect on nerve centers in the spinal cord or on the nerve endings of the skin, thus reducing the number of signals produced by the outer surface of the brain.


Many herbs have the ability to produce both external central influences. Soothing herbs also relieve pain.


Gastrointestinal stimulants

Gastrointestinal stimulants work to increase digestive secretions in the mouth, stomach, pancreas and liver.


And the substance of the time that contains the effectiveness of the liver, which increases the bile Juicer that breaks fat and remove blood from excess fatty substances.


Plants that taste hot (hot spices) activate the internal membranes that respond by increasing the secretion of digestion enzymes, so that the particles of carbohydrates, fat and protein are dispersed. Some essential vitamins and minerals pass through the intestinal wall to the bloodstream.


In addition, aromatic herbs activate the gastrointestinal tract in a similar way but in a more gentle way, as well as reduce bacterial fermentation which causes stomach and colic gases.


These herbs usually contain the substances of the time. These herbs containing aromatic substances are known in some international kitchens especially when they are used in meat dishes.


Doping contains substances once

The most common types of herbs are stimulants that contain bitter substances.


These drug-containing stimulants were sold in every pharmacy and doctors described the powerful facilities for older patients and nursing mothers until the early 1970s.


Many of the known doping steroids still contain mainly time-sensitive substances and almost every country has its preferred type

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